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The Armadillo was an OY fitted for airfield defence with Lewis guns and an ex-aircraft COW 37 mm gun.

The War Office designated 15 cwt vehicles such as the MW as trucks, and larger vehicles as lorries.

Production of the new range ceased, apart from a few examples made for essential civilian duties, when Bedford went onto a war footing. Second World War In 1935, Bedford began the development of a 15 cwt truck for the British War Office.

This entered service as the MW in 1939, and 65,995 examples had been built by the end of World War II in 1945.

In August 1931, a bus chassis was added to the range, and was designated WHB and WLB.

A large part of Bedford's original success in breaking into the UK and British Empire markets lay in the overhead valve (OHV) six cylinder Chevrolet engine, now known as Chevrolet Stove Bolt 6 well ahead of its time, this smooth running inline six cylinder engine was to form the basis of Bedford and Vauxhall petrol engines almost until the marque ceased building trucks and buses.

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The new range consisted of the K (30-40 cwt), MS and ML (2-3 ton), OS and OL (3-4 ton), OS/40 and OL/40 (5 ton) series, and the OB bus.

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