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Dating a child of divorce

It’s driving three hours to stay with your cousin so that you won’t be there when your dad moves out, and when half of the items you grew up with are loaded onto trucks.

It’s returning home to see that your mom rearranged everything to fill the empty spaces as best she could, hopeful that it will lessen the blow.

As a child of divorce, you figured that your parents don’t love you enough to stay together so you took that and figured out a way to never get hurt again. Fights, even over simple things like keeping the counter clean, can be incredibly stressful for you.

It’s not being able to complete your coursework in an environment of tension or arguing, or later in the “new office” that, despite your mom’s good intentions, will always be dad’s old room.

It’s having to take an additional year to earn your degree and start your career.

Instead, they retreated into separate rooms and met my questions by telling me to ask the other parent.

I had to assemble a new reality from the pieces I was given. Chelsea Cristene is a community college professor of English and communications living in central Maryland.

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But for the moment, I could relax because the friend I grew up with wasn’t going anywhere. From all that has been written of children of divorce—custody battles, alternating weekends, shielding them from the details—you would think this experience is unique to the younger set. Susan Brown and I-Fen Lin of Bowling Green State University’s sociology department found that in 2010, the number of divorced adults had doubled since 1990, and that approximately 1 in 4 divorces in 2010 were “gray divorces,” or divorces between couples older than 50.