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Dark Fantasy/Fiction contains Fem Dom/Bondage : CAPTIVE : Part 1 He awoke abruptly with his wrists handcuffed above his head to a wrought-iron bedpost, trying to adjust his eyes to the sudden force of sunlight peering in through the window.He had no memory of the evening before and wondered how much he had drunk to wake up in a strange room bound to a bed.With a slap across her victims beautiful yet astonished face, he was stunned into silence.That will teach you to be quiet when I tell you to! You will not speak unless I speak to you first, is that clear, Slave? I understand, he whispered, now frightened of what this woman was capable of doing now that he was trapped for what seemed like an eternity when in reality it was only for one day.

Shut up or I will beat you senseless, dont think I wont do it! She then pulled out a dirty rag from the pocket of her black dress and jammed it into his mouth while slapping him hard across the face again.I see youre awake.thats goodyou didnt go quietly in the nightalthough I had my doubts, the woman said with a sickening smile.Can you please unlock me, I promise I wont hurt you, the victim pleaded while trying to struggle to gain freedom.At this point all he could was wait until she decided to free him, but of course that wasnt going to happen anytime soon. She then decided she was bored with just watching him, so she got up from her post at the door and stepped out of the room momentarily to retrieve her big black goodie bag which held certain tools to ensure the fact he wasnt going to try and run from her.Dont you go anywhere now, she laughed mirthlessly as she disappeared for a moment.

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