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Quiana grant dating

The pine/herbal opening is incredibly fresh with a greenness that has real character and depth.

There are some nuanced changes versus fall and winter.

Polo is one of the two first perfumes by Ralph Lauren and it was created by Carlos Benaim in 1978. It is simply a CLASSIC ,mature,clean, strong but a common and dated fragrance. Tried the tester...just wasn't the same from what I remember. Hours later after the dry down, it smelled somewhat like the old stuff, but it still (to me) lacked that strong fresh green scent. There is not a shred of femininity in this bad boy. Those easily offended or wishing to smell like a lollipop need not apply here; you can continue to share your perfume with females. but it will sure draw in the ladies who are looking for someone with confidence and warmth. Wear this around the holidays, by the fireplace, in a cozy place, etc. Grade: A bad reviews and all but i bought me a second original is a cosmair and i personally find them similar.i really think the leather is more pronounced in this new is a stout mutha and i can smell that monkey grip glue like scent when i exhale on the sprayed area. Scent 5/5 Projection 4.5/5 Silage 4/5 Longevity 4/5 Offensive slightly Great fragrance for the colder months, reminds me of a Christmas tree. Definitely a cold-weather fragrance, but it won't go wrong in AC-controlled environments.

Before Snoop had his Johnson's baby powder and Cool Water cologne, Slick Rick had his Johnson's baby powder and Polo cologne. I enjoy it very much but I try not to wear this if i'm in a romantic scenario as it just smells too predictable and accessible. i got my cosmair polo on my left hand and am wearing new old polo actually smells oudy-like and the leather is up front more so.i always thought the belcam replica was WAY off the polo old polo almost makes the new polo smell like a dry down indeed shares most all the notes including the are beautiful though.i am truly addicted to this almost like they have different distinct leather scents.i can find no wrong in polo,it is a cologne's cologne. Pine and Moss with a slightly dirty sweaty undercurrent perhaps from the Patchouli. This also seems to be flexible enough to wear for anything from the rugged outdoors to indoor formal events. کت و شلواری می تونه عطر امضای خوبی باشه عطرهای کلاسیک این دهه نزدیکی های زیادی در روایح به هم دارند.

It's at this point which, although Polo has no floral ingredients as such, I nonetheless get a subtle but very definite set of musky/floral impressions.

Willing to accept that could just be my imagination but, to my nose at any rate, it makes Polo something of an enigma.

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