Screenupdating false not working

Posted by / 28-Nov-2017 16:49

If you close the toolbar by clicking the X, it will disappear again.

This will cause the function to be executed whenever a calculation occurs in the workbook.

For cells that are manually changed, you can use a worksheet change event to call a macro.

Empty modules trigger the macro query, as does an actual macro.

The only way I've been able to get back to normal is by force closing excel altogether and re-opening. ______________________ Still having trouble, and the same thing is happening with this workbook on two different computers, so I don't think it's a hardware, or OS specific issue.

When it gets locked up like this, I can still do anything in the VBE (edits cells, run macros, etc.) with no problems.

(To save anyone else searching, the Oz Grid thread is at No responses yet.) My first impression was that you may have been tying up machine resources by being locked in a loop where the exit condition wasn't being satisfied, or something like a Worksheet_Change macro recursively triggering itself. The only thing I can think of is a problem with event handlers, Application. Does the machine appear to be much busier now than it was when the workbook was working okay?

But you say you can return to the VBE and it appears to be semi-responsive? I'm happy to check the workbook out if you're happy to let me see it, but I'd understand if not.

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Posted this on the Ozgrid forums, but haven't gotten any help yet, so I thought I'd try here too! I have a fairly lengthy macro that works perfectly most of the time.