Usps express mail international tracking not updating

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Usps express mail international tracking not updating

No, pop the card in an envelope of the nice ordinary buff brown variety, like the one on the left.If you like, you can still put that card in its original glorious technicolor envelope, as long as both are placed in an anonymous-looking boring brown envelope.The unlucky reader had not read this how to post before sending the pack to Italy.Remember those covert operations 😉If you can understand what is in a pack from feeling it, then you can be dead certain that someone else will too, especially someone who makes a living handling parcels.However, it is possible that the extensive list of items which cannot be sent to Italy from the USA – linked to above – may be to blame for certain items never arriving at destinations in Italy.Those living in the USA need to check the list carefully before assuming Italian postal workers are light fingered.I imagine the Italian postal service has a similar list too.If someone knows where it is, tell me and I’ll add a link.

I cannot say whether it is Italian postal workers who take a shine to whatever people are sending to one another, or whether it is the postal people in the countries through which the post passes, but I have my suspicions with regard to Italian post workers.

I know, I have had direct experience of the Italian post.

Two things which stick in my mind are a Christmas card which never arrived, and a few humble pairs of Marks and Spencer’s socks which my mum sent to me a few years back. Yes, I know that these items were not life threateningly important, but losing them was annoying, and others have lost much more valuable items.

Nearly 12 days have now passed and the items still have not turned up here in Milan, Italy. It was a little late, but did arrive, even if I had to go into Milan city centre to pick it up.

The online store I ordered the items from mentioned that orders within the European Community area should take between 5-8 days to arrive. On November 9, I ordered and paid for a mains adapter for a Pure digital radio from Pure in the United Kingdom.

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If you ignore the list and send items anyway, they may be seized or returned to the sender. Residents of other countries should check with their postal services to see what can and cannot be mailed to Italy.

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