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Willamette week speed dating

______ The Oregonian/Oregon by Amy Wang January 6, 2017 Classical concerts, art exhibit openings and theater: Arts Best Bets Jan.6-12: “El Payaso” at Teatro Milagro Read more at American Theatre Magazine by Jessica Wallenfels January 29, 2016 Sampling Locally Grown, Artisanal Theatre at Portland’s Fertile Ground – Amid the January rains, theatre artists and audiences scramble from show to show at a festival of seedlings, blossoms, and tilling for future harvests. ________ Oregon Music News by Inessa January 28, 2016 Vaudeville comes to Fertile Ground Festival // audio – The Affable Gentlemen, made up loosely of Jason Potter, Hamilton Barrett, and Brianna Barrett in this go-round, offer up some thoughtful insight. ________ Willamette Week by Sophia June January 27, 2016 Fertile Ground Diaries: Wondering how to survive the earthquake that will destroy Portland? ________ Oregon Arts Watch by Bob Hicks January 27, 2016 Arts Watch Weekly: 24/7 Fertile Ground (plus cats) – A look at the week that was in Oregon arts. Read more at ________ Oregon Arts Watch by Bob Hicks January 26, 2016 Way down under, trapped on ice – Fertile Ground: Lawrence Howard spins a tale of bravery, isolation, and endurance in Antarctica in “Shackleton, the Untold Story” Read more at orartswatch.org/.The 2017 Risk/Reward Festival showcases six new works by visionary performing artists from across the region.Come celebrate our 10th year blurring the boundaries of theater, music, dance, and performance art in new and surprising ways.

______ THRU Media – Thrupoint Podcast by Sean Ongely January 29, 2017 Join Yocto Theatre founders Mary Rose and Sean Bowie for the inaugural Thrupoint Podcast, formerly known as Horizon at End Times. More at thru.media/yocto-theatre-first-thrupoint-podcast. ______ Willamette Week by Britany Robinson January 26, 2017 Fertile Ground Diaries: “Sisters In The Snow” Explores How Two Siblings Can Belong to Completely Separate Worlds: “Sisters in the Snow ” speaks to the power of art, both painted and acted out. ______ Willamette Week by Christa Mc Intyre January 26, 2017 Fertile Ground Diaries: Broken Planetarium’s “Atlantis” Examines How We Cope with Environmental Catastrophe: In the near future, climate change has submerged the island of Manhattan. ______ Willamette Week by Shannon Gormley, Britany Robinson & Hailey Bachrach January 25, 2017 Fertile Ground Looks For Connection Amid Chaos: If the Portland performance scene has one goal, it’s making work that isn’t frivolous. ______ Portland Mercury by Megan Burbank January 25, 2017 You’re in a Cult, Call Your Dad!

A panel of local artists and tastemakers select a lineup and we challenge the artists to run wild - encouraging creative risks, experimentation and bold investigation.

No one really knows what to expect until opening night.

Due to the popularity of our Pay-What-You-Will tickets and in honor of our supporters who took a risk -- we are making ALL TICKETS PAY-WHAT-YOU-WILL for the entire festival this year! Each day the festival includes the same five new works, performed back-to-back over a 2-hour extravaganza with short breaks and one intermission.

Please come before and stay after to experience our lobby installation of Kiana Harris's dance film Born 4,692 days after the launch of the Voyager I Space Probe, Coley Mixan is a musician, visual artist, librarian, astronomical sleuth and vegan baker.

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READ MORE _____ Lake Oswego Review by Staff 1/4/17 Curtain rises for Fertile Ground Festival – Lakewood Center is venue for several of this season’s shows that begin Jan.

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