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Zac afron dating

(Michael Ordoña)“I think like once, I was trying to be Big Bro, just like, check in. Zendaya welcomed the prospect — mostly.“That was awesome.But then he also said, ‘You should start working out. I do the same two-step with a little twist,” he says, getting a laugh from Zendaya, “ ‘in da club.’ ”So the two were on equally uneven footing when they began training at Circus Warehouse in New York. ’ I felt so behind.”During the star-crossed lovers’ duet, Anne, rehearsing on the weighted ropes that are part of her aerial act, keeps flying away from Phillip.I want to use your stunt double as little as possible. I’m not this guy,” the willowy, 5-foot-10 actress nods at Efron, who waves it off, biceps bulging as he does. But it became my world.”Though Efron made his name in original musicals — the “High School Musicals, to be exact — he was afraid they weren’t his world anymore, 10 years later.“I was nervous: Can I dance, still? This was gonna be a level up from anything I’d ever done before. Efron says the first day was spent “doing some stretching, learning how to swing with one arm — without harnesses, sans harness. He sings, “It’s up to you / it’s up to me / No one can say what we get to be,” to which she responds, “It feels impossible / Is it impossible?I want you to start trapeze training, I want to see some change in your arms, I want you to look like a trapeze artist.’“So I was like, ‘That’s great. But I walked in and you were already on the trapeze — ”“They had me there early, just learning stuff — ” she says.“Like, legitimate, real trapeze,” he says, eyes wide. ” He tries to catch her in flight, sometimes succeeding.What fueled the rumors was a photograph on social media that showed Zac wearing a T-shirt written “Some Dudes Marry Dudes. Later, it was realized that the picture was actually doctored.The rumors also prompted Efron’s first gay-press interview in which he surprised everyone when he mused that he did not see anything wrong whatsoever with being gay.

For many people, especially skeptics, the relationship is not merely social. At some point, rumors started spreading that the two were actually dating although neither of the two confirmed or denied the allegations.

So I recorded my own version of my half of the song.

I was like,” she says, pitch rising nervously, “ ‘You guys like it?

I fell in love with it immediately.”Zendaya (born Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman in Oakland) had a different experience with the song.

Then she was invited to what she calls a “chemistry read” with Efron.“It wasn’t a normal audition; it was more relaxed than that,” she says.

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